On the target ship design and navigation features for pitching stabilization and achieve high propulsion under hurricane storms and icing

Statement of the design decision to ocean vessel for unlimited navigation can be based on the active involvement of the historical experience of designing trusty ships and vessels, as the focus of good seamanship authoritative navigators, including reflected in navigational manuals to achieve efficient operation of ships, also in the pilotage recommendations to practical navigation, and unwritten rules for a dangerous and difficult marine operations in complicated, severe storm or ice conditions.


The straight specialization of the ship design for a specific type of maritime activities in the initially specified by geographical and navigational conditions allows to make full use achievements of the noncontradictory design principals, which will be formally reduced to the global optimization (as well as in mathematics) under the terms of a minimum of external influence on hull of the ship, and certainly will claim special skills of navigators, or the adaptation of automated systems of navigation in a variety of special or emergency situations, which springs unpredictable in the far ocean voyages.


Accordingly, to comprehensively decision of the engineering problem for a highest efficiency to maritime activities with the use of specialized vessels under hurricane storms and severe icing conditions, in the present study, each new design solution for the ship’s architecture and contours of the hull for increased seaworthiness, complemented by appropriate navigator’s procedures for the effective conduct of marine operations in storm conditions, for achieve optimum propulsion and absolute safety of navigation, including in special circumstances or emergencies.